Telespazio France

Close to you through Space

French subsidiary of Telespazio, a company of the Finmeccanica / Thales groups 66% -33% (658 million of 2014 sales with a workforce of 2,500 people around the world ), Telespazio France is based in Toulouse and chaired by Jean- Marc Gardin, with offices in Paris, Bordeaux, Kourou and Libreville. Telespazio France operates complex satellite systems and maintains a variety of facilities.

Drawing on its extensive expertise in telecommunications, earth observation, navigation and digital technologies, Telespazio France offers a wide range of data collection and distribution services particularly for the media and major retailers. Telespazio also develops and provides complete geo-information services sourced from a catalogue of data and products.

A pioneer and major actor in satellite-based services all over the world.

Telespazio France has recently developed several innovative solutions: the worldwide EarthLab environmental monitoring centers program and the Mobil’ in city project dedicated to fostering urban mobility and providing targeted service bundles for the media (Channel Lab), and the energy and retail sectors. Today more than ever, Telespazio France continues with its tradition of innovation which has been part of its DNA for the last fifty years, bringing the added value of satellite-based solutions to the greater public.

In fact, Telespazio originated the first live TV broadcast by satellite in 1964, during the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Likewise, five years later, it was Telespazio which broadcast live pictures of man’s first steps on the Moon.
The history of Telespazio is made of decisive breakthroughs and technological ruptures. 2014, a year rich in innovations and new programs, has kept this tradition alive and kicking.