EarthLab wins award for best strategic partnership

06/10/2015 By Land, News No Comments

The annual World Satellite Business Week organized by Euroconsult in Paris from 14-18 September brought together more than 700 decision-makers from manufacturers and satellite operators as well as satellite service companies, banks and investors.

Several managers from Telespazio SpA, e-GEOS and Telespazio France were invited to speak at round table discussions and to give an update on the group’s latest news and commercial offerings in telecommunications and Earth observation.

This conference also offered the first opportunity for board member Fabrice Croizeaux to present the advantages of the EarthLab Luxembourg partnership to an international audience.

In addition to these active contributions at what has become a must-attend annual event for the space community, EarthLab Luxembourg’s partners (Telespazio France, e-GEOS, HITEC and POST Luxembourg) were honoured to receive the prize for Best Strategic Partnership 2015 for the EarthLab programme, following the signature in June of the agreement concerning the third centre of the EarthLab Galaxy.

“I am delighted and honoured to be deploying this network of environmental monitoring centres under the EarthLab Galaxy moniker. These centres are based on the principle of building a community with industry, institutional and scientific partners to meet the specific challenges facing territories and their populations,” said Jean-Marc Gardin, Deputy CEO of the Telespazio group and CEO of Telespazio France.

“I am very proud that through these partnership approaches we are helping through remote sensing and dissemination of digital tools to foster a new development model that more closely combines economic, social and environmental factors. Luxembourg is a very dynamic country that is world-renowned in the space telecommunications sector and also a key player in the digital and sustainable development spheres. With support from the Luxembourg government and our partners e-GEOS, HITEC and POST, we are going to launch a new generation of geo-information services for gauging industrial and natural hazards and assessing risk exposure in the private and public insurance sectors.”