Better observe to better monitor…

17/12/2015 By News No Comments

Telespazio is proud to have helped produce this book on Climate change & satellites 2015, at the behest of Thales Alenia Space. Bringing together the expertise of key stakeholders in the climate and space industry sectors, the book looks at the challenges posed by climate change and highlights the decisive role of satellites, both now and in the future, in such areas as meteorology and environmental management.

“Society has recently become aware of the risk that climate change poses to the whole of humanity. Thanks to our highly effective space observation tools, civil air resources and drones, we are able to remain extremely well-informed about the risks relating to climate change. This book, spearheaded by our partner Thales Alenia Space who I wish to thank, reveals the resources at our disposal for us to continue working together to innovate and develop unique services to improve environmental control,”

explains Jean-Marc Gardin, Deputy CEO of the Telespazio Group and CEO of Telespazio France.

The book readable through the following link: confirms the need for concrete action to protect our environment, with geo Information services providing solid support to the decision makers.