4 key domains, 15 themes

With its long geo-information heritage, Telespazio France and e-GEOS offers a very precise picture of our changing environment. Our experts are recognized authorities in satellite-based Earth observation. Combined with the skills of the EarthLab Galaxy’s partners, this status enables us to develop tools to match the scale of the environmental, economic and human challenges facing each zone of interest.


Carried out with EarthLab Galaxy partners, the analysis of environmental issues has highlighted a certain number of key themes related to sanitary or natural risks, agriculture, and climate change, among others.

Land Themes Earthlab galaxy

Our planet must feed, clothe and house an ever-increasing number of people (232 000 additional people every day). This means that we must produce more. Above all, it means producing more effectively to limit the environmental impact of the growing exploitation of natural resources.

Given their immensity-two thirds of the earth’s surface-the seas and oceans represent an obvious environmental challenge. This is even more true given that ocean/sea observation is more complex from the land. The intensification of human activities along with certain harmful practices such as overfishing and illegal fishing, the growth of maritime traffic and pollution, among others, requires attentive observation of the “blue continent”.

Security Themes Earthlab Galaxy

Evolutions related to global warming (the rise in the level of the oceans), risks related to certain industrial practices (Seveso classified sites, nuclear power stations) or civil engineering (major urban construction projects, building of heavy infrastructures) are major civil security and environmental issues. The latter involve severe monitoring constraints related to both the activity in question and the environment (products used, seismic activity).

Climate Themes Earthlab Galaxy

Today, Climate warming is a reality. Resulting from the most polluting human activities as well as other factors (cyclic effects), climate warming shall cause economic, human, environmental and social upheaval on a very wide scale. It is essential that we assess the coming impact and consequences and anticipate the solutions that must be implemented.