The concept

Think global, act local

EarthLab employs a full range of remote-sensing assets—satellites, aircraft, unmanned aerial systems and microlights—to bring you a custom approach to environment-related activities.

Unlike the well-worn approach that predominates in the space applications market, EarthLab solutions are conceived and implemented by working closely with users to match their exact needs.

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The EarthLab research program is organized in four main areas :

Land Themes Earthlab galaxy
Thématique Océan Earthlab-Galaxy
Security Themes Earthlab Galaxy
Climate Themes Earthlab Galaxy

EarthLab Galaxy Concept

In contrast to the dominant approach on the space applications market, EarthLab designs and implements solutions based on specific needs, thanks to the direct involvement of users (industry, farmers, oil companies, ship-owners…) right from the first phase of defining functions and throughout their exploitation.

The EarthLab approach goes well beyond providing a product, no matter how excellent its performance. For our partners, the service is at the heart of a “bundle of values” characterized by ongoing dialogue and exchange.

In fact, this “EarthCloud” is quite similar in spirit to OpenSource. Experts within the community provide users with decision making aids to objectify and secure their technical, strategic, environmental and financial options.

As environmental and economic problems are increasingly considered from both a local and global angle, the Earthlab Galaxy shall be deployed over all continents. This is why some ten EarthLab centers shall be built all over the world, with the first centers already being deployed.