Deployment of the Earthlab Galaxy is based, in each region of the world, on the implementation of public and private partnerships. The logic of this development is rooted in the guarantee of being in direct contact, in every geographic zone, with the real public social and environmental issues in these territories.

This commitment, specified in the Master Agreement, involves identifying the best private experts to enrich local innovation. All these partners shall play a role in the global functioning of the Galaxy. The partner list shall be presented at a later time and updated regularly as new centers open.

Institutional partners

Representatives of national and local public authorities, they co-build the EarthLab centers with Telespazio by providing direct financial assistance. In addition to this capital engagement for the program, they contribute to Earthlab Galaxy by providing specific, highly accurate knowledge of their territory and the human, economic and environmental issues involved.

Scientific partners

Universities and both public and private research centers provide the essential knowledge component for deployment of the Earthlab Galaxy. Their fundamental and applied research feed analysis on each theme, by identifying problems and putting them into perspective, as well as coming up with concrete solutions.

Industrial partners

Our industrial partners are innovative firms which provide the EarthLab program with technical tools and solutions that complement Telespazio France space expertise. Thanks to these partners, users have in-the-field access to customized, high performance products and services.


Full members of the EarthLab community, users express specific in-the-field requirements which provide an invaluable springboard for EarthLab products and services. User feedback contributes to the on-going evolution and enrichment of the program.