EarthLab, the satellite closest to Earth

The earth, the seas and oceans, fresh water, air, the climate…

Since the close of the 20th century, preserving the earth and economic development are no longer necessarily at variance.

Undoubtedly, this is in part thanks to the creation of unrivaled sustainable development tools, at the core of which is space-based remote sensing.

Telespazio is a longstanding expert and trailblazer in innovative, high-added value satellite services. Today, Telespazio provides high added value geoinformation services to a very wide public, for the future of our planet, the well-being of its inhabitants, and the managed development of its regions.

To this end, we have created EarthLab, the first global geoinformation cluster bringing together research centers and operational departments.

Our goal?

To answer local needs most effectively.


We bring together in one place, space and image processing software experts along with local specialists and researchers, to implement 100% tailor-made products and services which also answer high-stakes environmental and economic challenges.

The byword of EarthLab: Think global, act local.

Hence being a member of the EarthLab Galaxy, means belonging to an intelligent ecosystem, which is a source of shared values, and a driving force in the creation of wealth and new links mobilizing the best of public institutions and private organizations.

For the stakeholders, Earthlab guarantees a faster ROI thanks to a community based principle of sharing and contribution at the global level via the EarthCloud.

Naturally, users of products developed by EarthLab benefit from guaranteed confidentiality, as for the purchase of any other strategic service.

FPT and Telespazio France announce their cooperation towards the implementation of an EarthLab center in Vietnam

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At the occasion of the official visit of French President François Hollande in the Republic of Vietnam, the industrial companies FPT of Vietnam and Telespazio France announce their strategic partnership in the EarthLab programme. According to that, FPT and Telespazio...

EarthLab Galaxy showcased at the COP 21 in Paris

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France hosted the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) from 2-9 December in Paris.

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Better observe to better monitor…

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Telespazio est fier d’avoir participé sous l’impulsion de Thales Alenia Space à l’élaboration de ce livre «Climate change & satellites 2015 ».